Department of Histopathology

The microscopic examination and pathological diagnosis of tissue and cytology specimens taken from patients a powerful diagnostic tool. It is done in the laboratory in partnership with laboratory technologists and doctors in other clinical specialties. Our pathologists have expert knowledge of both the pathological and clinical aspects of disease.
Our aim is to provide a high quality and timely multi regional histopathology service including paediatric surgical and autopsy and to contribute to the Coroner’s service.
The department also has a special services component where Special stains and other special tests are carried out on reference samples.

The department provides education and support to students including laboratory technologists, medical students and post graduate registrars.

Staff Development:
The department is keen for staff to reach their full potential and provides training and educational opportunities for all staff. There are in-house training  programmes as well.

Research: The department of Histopathology is involved in applied research and welcomes  scientists  who are interested in  collaborative research.

Location: Histopathology Unit is located in the 2nd floor of the new building.

Opening hours:
8.30 am to 4.15 pm Monday to  Friday.
8 am to 2 pm on Sat and Sundays.
However the specimen accepting counter is open 24 hours a day throughout the week.

Key Contacts:

Medical staff  
(Head of Department)
Dr. (Mrs)Nishali Ekanayaka112691819
Ext 363,364,365 eMail:
ConsultantDr. (Mrs)Champika Rathnayake0112693532-34,
Ext 363,364,365eMail:
Medical officerDr. (Mrs)M. Bogahawatta0112693532-34,
Ext 363,364,365
Medical officerDr. (Mrs)J.P.Ramprasad0112693532-34,
Ext 363,364,365
Medical officerDr. (Mrs) H.L.Nirosha Dilrukshi0112693532-34,
Ext 363,364,365
Medical officerDr (Mrs)R.P.M.M.R Pathirana same ad above
Laboratory staff  
Medical laboratory technologistMrs.W.M.M.U. Jayathilake0112693532 -34,
Ext 363,364,365
Medical laboratory technologistMiss.A.Y.U.Athukorala0112693532 -34,
Ext 363,364,365
Medical laboratory technologistMrs. A.S.Gunawardana0112693532 -34,
Ext 363,364,365
Medical laboratory technologistMr. D.K.Pradeep0112693532 -34,
Ext 363,364,365
Laboratory support staff (3


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